The Electronics program is designed to develop students with industry-recognized skills necessary for electronics installers, technicians, and, for continued study at area colleges and universities to enter electronic, electrical or computer engineering.

Students are educated through: use of appropriate tools, test equipment, experiments, computer-based circuit simulation, prototyping, manufacture, troubleshooting, project design and construction of a wide variety of electronic projects.

The department also studies smartphone, tablet, computer maintenance and repair and alternative energy systems.  We are also involved in a national solar/electric competition sponsored by Electrathon America (electrathonamerica.org or ctelectrathon.org)

Areas of employment:

  • Industrial Controls systems
  • Test Technician
  • Security systems
  • Medical Equipment Tech
  • Technical Support
  • Smartphone /Tablet Service
  • Field Service Technician
  • Alternative energy
  • Tele/Data communications Tech
  • Audio Systems Tech
  • Smart / Home Automation
  • Sales Representative
  • PC Setup and maintenance
  • Electronic, Electrical & Computer Engineering